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B2 Dreams

A spacious apartment for eight with two bathrooms and two bedrooms equipped with additional sofas. Large, functional, full of light. Decorated in pleasant grey with pastel details in pink, blue, and peachy.

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B3 Balcony

A one-bedroom apartment for eight with a salon, kitchen, a bathroom and a balcony. Elegant interiors decorated in light colours with highlights of coloured features. Stunning coffered ceilings and a beautiful mezzanine. Comfort, space, and exceptional style.

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B4 Van Gogh

A unique fusion of an art gallery and an apartment! A spacious apartment for eight with exceptional interior design imitating the famous Van Gogh’s ‘Bedroom in Arles’ and decorated with artworks by young Cracow artists. An additional asset of this exceptional place is its vast terrace offering a beautiful view on the St. Mary’s Basilica’s tower, a real architectural gem of the city.

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G2 Burgundy

One bedroom apartment with kitchenette and a private bathroom decorated in a unique style. Modernly furnished interiors with subdued colors of gold and burgundy add style. For those who like class.

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G8 Gatsby

A one-bedroom apartment for six with a salon, kitchen and a bathroom. Elegant interiors decorated in light colours with highlights of striking details and wooden furniture. Spacious and charming. A gem for art-déco enthusiasts.

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G9 Nature

A one-bedroom apartment for six with a salon, kitchen and a bathroom. Wood, green features, and subdued, light colours. Spacious and cosy. Perfect for those who love natural materials and motifs inspired by the world of nature.

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G10 Blue

A studio for two with a kitchenette and a private bathroom. Decorated in pastel colours with distinctive light blue features. Cosy and full of light. For those who miss the blue of the sea even on a city vacation.

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G11 Green

Our favorite studio room decorated in a unique style. The space and greenery will make you feel complete relaxation in the middle of the city.

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G12 Goldie

A studio room decorated in a unique style. Subdued colors of gold and black add style. For those who like class.


Boutique apartments
in the heart of Kraków

Apartments Roman include apartments in distinctive Kraków style, located in the very heart of the city, at the junction of two emblematic streets: Gołębia and Bracka. Each of them has its own exceptional character and a name reflecting its unique decor. All the apartments are completely furnished and offer all the necessary amenities and tasteful accessories. On the one hand, you can feel totally at home here, and on the other, immerse yourself in Kraków’s wonderful atmosphere.

Apartments Roman are a family company established by Kraków-born-and-bred members of a family that has lived here for generations. A team of people with passion – Kraków lovers and expert travellers – make sure that the guests are always comfortable. They will make your stay in the city as pleasant as possible, providing a sense of hearth and home. Our guests are not simply customers to us, but a chance to have a one-of-a-kind meeting and to share the love for our city!


One of a kind

Apartments Roman are a perfect alternative to a luxury hotel. Their greatest advantage – a sense of complete comfort – is provided by excellent furnishings and fantastic location. At the same time, they offer more space, total freedom, and lower prices. Our guests have spacious 100 m2 apartments, medium-sized two-bedroom apartments, and cosy studios to choose from. Apartments Roman are the ideal accommodation for a family vacation, a weekend away with friends, a business trip, and a romantic getaway.


A historic
tenement building

Our apartments are housed in a beautiful 14th-century tenement building, Kamienica Niderlandowska. Its classical façade features an early baroque portal and a cartouche with the Abdank coat of arms of the Ankwicz family, 19th-century owners of the building. Apart from its unique style, the tenement offers a fantastic location – it is situated just 100 m away from Kraków’s famous Cloth Hall (Sukiennice). Staying at Roman Apartments means Kraków’s greatest treasures at your fingertips! Would you like to know more? View our location on a 3D map.


Coronavirus Free Zone - Apartments Roman Kraków